"Our vision is to become a world leader within marine feed ingredients, for aquaculture, based on sustainable marine residues" 

AgriMare Bio™ aims to create value based on ocean resources to benefit the aquaculture industry. One of our main focus areas is sustainable and environmentally friendly production. We will do this by breeding ragworms (Polychaete), using fish sludge as the sole nutrient substrate during the complete life cycle. Ragworms contain valuable marine protein and important marine fatty acids, and the access to these compounds are bottlenecks for the future growth of marine animal food production. 

Ragworms are therefore well suited as ingredients for fish feed, and therefore we intend to sell these as safe and sustainable ingredients to fish feed producers. The company makes a difference to the environment, as it utilizes sludge from land-based fish-farming, which, by many, today is considered a problem, but will be a vital part of our production process. Our production offers a solution to turn undesirable excess sludge from fish production into highly valued marine oil and protein. 

Therefore, AgriMare Bio™ is a company with a triple bottom line; 

profitability, food production and sustainability.